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Ally. 20 years old. I live in southern California. I'm an analytical musician born with a hypersensitivity to unfairness. in my opinion, equality and education are the most important. i see beauty in humans, nature, technology, and actions. I advocate the responsible smoking of marijuana, safe sex, and free thinking in all forms. Enjoy!
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It’s easy to get fit for summer!


Illusion is the first of all pleasures: We're All Sluts! a guide to stopping slut-shaming (with pictures!) 


Hello! My name is Erika. I’m 19 years old, and I’m a slut.

And guess what?

You’re a slut, too!

In fact, all of the women you know are sluts!

Even your mama!

Okay, please put the gun down. I’ll explain.

The world today has put a pretty strict…

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Planned Parenthoods are getting firebombed, anyone that’s taken in by the police can be strip searched now thanks to the Supreme Court, and there’s a website called savewhitepeople.com. 

It’s nice to see the Feds have so much money to be raiding all these medical marijuana states’ dispensaries, but can’t seem to muster up any funds to actually help the failing education system, the healthcare system, or any other system, that, you know, actually helps people.

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i could not be happier


Jeff Gogue


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um what is this from because it is my entire life

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